Journey Rocks

I am thinking about Journey, and I know what you are going to say. Journey: buttrockers, hessians, 80's rock, Arena rock. These are all true. You hate to admit it, but you know every word to those songs too. When Journey comes on at the bar, don't act like you don't sing every word.

I was raised on Journey, seriously... and against my will. My older brother and I shared a room growing up. We had a single speaker dictation cassette desk that was a hand me down from my grandfather. My brother owned two cassettes, only two cassettes. One was 'Moving Pictures' from Rush, and the other was 'Escape' from Journey. All things concerned, I got lucky. Those are two phenomenal albums. We listened to them incessanty, since it was all we had. So, I have always been a fan of Journey... closeted or otherwise.

My wife asked me to load some Journey into her iPod for a roadtrip this weekend. Surely I have Journey, she reasoned. I am the rock guy, with every CD on the planet. Then it hit me, I had NO Journey. not a disc, cassette, or even an 8 track. What kind of rock fan was I?

I'll tell you what kind of rock fan I am, one who doesn't admit he is wrong. What I did was get up early and run out to Best Buy to pick up a greatest hits disc. I loaded it up on her Pod and no one was the wiser. Right now I am listening to Open Arms and dorking out in the truest sense.


Anonymous said…
The Arlen Ness custom motorcycle built for Journey's 30th Anniversary is listed for auction on E-bay Motors! What a beautiful bike.
Anonymous said…
That bike that is for sale on E-Bay as the "30th anniversary bike" is not the real bike. This is the real bike: . And My girlfriend is the one who own's the REAL anniversary bike!!!!!!
Anonymous said…
anonymous is wrong. bike was won by a igh school girl from ohio. i should was in my garage for over 2 yrs

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