Good news about Axl

I thought he had changed. I thought Axl got his shit together and decided to make ropck music for a living. I thought, since he is well into his 40's, that the petulant rock star behaviour was gone. I thought working 15 years on a single CD would mellow a guy.

I was wrong. Axl Rose is still a monumental prick. He is showing up very late for concerts again, walking out on concerts again, and attacked Tommy Hilfiger... who looks like a serious pussy. Come on Axl, beating up fashion designers? That is like picking on armless people or retards. Oh, and one last dig... he can't even sing anymore. He is using an oxygen machine on stage now. Dude, if Ozzy can do it every night without an oxygen tank you could. If dude ever comes to Denver, I am going to fuck with him. Why? Because at this altitude he'll be too tired to do anything other than whip the microphone at an assistant. Oh yeah, ever seen the video 'G&R Live at the Roxy'?

Did I ever tell you the story about Offspring naming their album 'Chinese Democracy'? Dexter wanted to do it as a joke. Axl freaked out and said he would sue him. Thing is, you can't copyright a title. Dexter said the new album would be called 'Chinese Democracy: you snooze, you lose'. The then said that Axl stole his braids, so he stole his title. To me, that is a good rock fued. Sadly, Offspring ultimately backed off the title. He probably figured it wouldn't be worth explaining the title for years.


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