Check them out

Hey all,
You have been hearing about Velvet Revolver for at least a year now. It is guys from Guns & Roses and Scott Weiland from STP. Just like you, I have not been expecting too much. I assumed these were just drug addled fuck ups gigging to score more blow money. While it is entirely possible that is true, the band is great. I saw them tonight on Letterman and they blew me away. The sound was rockin', tight, and just... great. Slash sounds better than he ever did during Guns. Maybe it is cause he wasn't wasted... but his playing was much more articulate (if that makes sense). Weiland turns out to be a great singer as well. I often forget that because every time I hear his name he is being arrested.

Anyhow, I am guessing the disc comes out either today or next Tuesday. I'd research it for you and have handy hyper links ready, normally. However, right now I am downloading a Tenacious D concert which is drawing on ALL my dial up resources. I would have to say this album is definately one to purchase... if nothing else to smite Axl. Anyhow, you need to be at Best Buy next Tuesday anyhow to get Summer School on DVD. So, you might as well pick up this disc as well.


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