The Greatest Guitarist Alive

Is Warren Haynes. If you do not know this, it is ok. You have plenty of time to discover him... as he is on tour this summer with at least three of his bands. He burst onto the scene as a guitarist for the Allman Brothers about 15 years ago. As the Allmans' grew stagnant though in the mid-90s, he went on to form Government Mule. They are still active, and touring this summer. Warren is also back with the Allman Brothers and touring with them this summer. Oh yeah, Warren is also the guitarist for the Grateful Dead (now simply christened 'the Dead') and is touring with them this summer. So first I'll establish how is the hardest working guy in the history of rock.

Get this, he is tourng with the Allman Brothers... who are opening for the Dead. Warren plays then with the dead. Each band plays about three hours a piece. Are you ready for this? Take a breath... because on some dates Warren will be coming out during the set break for the Dead and doing a solo acoustic set!

So, I am going to see the Allmans & Dead in Seattle this summer. Warren will be onstage for about 6 to 7 hours. Now keep in mind he also tours with Govt. Mule & various Les Claypool bands as well. So, we have proved he is the hardest working guitarist in rock, but he is also a phenomena talent! He handles blues guitar, slide guitar, and can go toe to toe with Derek Trucks (something you should see in person before you die). If it weren't for Warrens talent and devotion, the Allman Brothers would have petered out about 10 years ago.

This summer Warren is also releasing a solo album and will tour behind that too, probably in the fall. If you are prone to downloading music, find his solo acoustic version of 'End of the Line'... it just may change your mind.

I'd put Warren up against: Jimmy Page, Trey Anastasio, Lindsey Buckingham, & even Clapton (there you have it, my top five... with Anastasio being #2)

next up, an appreciation piece on Jerry Garcia... who is probably the best rock guitarist of all time. One more note, Trey plays for Phish... who I can't stand anymore. Their music is way too redundant. See him live if you get the chance though, his talent as a guitarist is off the charts... and going to waste on stoners.


Anonymous said…
Better than Clapton ever was. The best. HAYNES IS GOD!
NYCGuy12 said…
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jenny said…
great site .
Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
what is wrong with you? SLASH is the gretest guitarist alive. period.

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