Holy Hot Shit!

Dear reader,

Quite recently I expounded on the virtues of the greatest guitar player alive. I'll be seeing him perform soon enough with the Dead at Red Rocks. However, basically every single other guitar player alive will be in Texas this summer for the Crossroads Guitar Festival. The reason I am telling you this, is that it turns out that I will be there! Just this morning I won a radio contest and they are flying me and my wife to Dallas for the weekend, putting us up in a hotel, and getting us tickets to the events. After I get the tickets in my hot little hand and sign a waiver or two... I will begin expounding the virtues of the radio station and DJ in question.

All I can say about this is holy shit!. The list of names is too many to mention, but if I could just meet James Taylor the trip will have been worth it. Over the next few weeks I'll probably be doing some pieces on it. Let's start with Joe Satriani.


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