Perhaps the greatest rock record

Hey all,
RJ (over at blogcritics) and other very recent posts have got me thinking about the best music. I am here to put up my favorite CD of all time. Appetite for Destruction! I don't have to go through all the tracks, because they got you through high school too. Still, almost 20 years later and nothing matches up. First, the songs are really catchy and well written. Second, the songs rock... hard. Third, the album has a huge dose of 'Fuck You' on it that still comes across. I think we all know that Axl wasn't frontin' on that. He still has a big dose of Fuck You, but without Slash and company that is all he has.

For the record, guitar magazine listed Sweet Child O' Mine as the greatest riff of all time. So, it's your turn... what is your favorite album. Write up a whole new post on it!

*oh yeah, and death to Axl. Go buy Velvet Revolver next week. I'll have it, and I'll write something up for it too.


You Know said…
GNR Blows. the best album of all time is ride the ligtning - metallica
The Admiral said…
The Wall, Pink Floyd. That album takes you to so many places in such a short time. Genius.

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